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About us

Assist Agency is an integrated entity

Assist agency is an integrated entity that provides inclusive services to help businesses in different industries meet their ultimate goals through planning and executing all the business solutions From ideation to implementation.
We guarantee the best quality and seamless client experience as we depend on top-notch experts to work for your brand and help you follow your strategic vision and achieve your long-term and short-term objectives.
Assist agency is your gate to reach wherever you want, through huge efforts and creative ideas, a set of skills, and a firm set of values.
we are a data, customer, results-driven agency as we depend on a strong research background before starting working with your marketing, digital marketing, PR, and CSR campaigns or even provide a business consultancy or training to your beloved team.
We started big and we will continue as one of the market tycoons.

Our Vision

Assist the people who can be business owners, start-up owners, government officials, and public figures to pursue their goals and drive their brands to a position of high visibility and positive impact on the level of individuals, society, and the whole world.

Our Mission

Redesigning the customer experience with agencies through providing comprehensive and effective solutions that will help all businesses in the B2C, B2B, B2G, and the ecosystem sectors to strive for their visions, expansion, and sustainability plans.


Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy.
Content Creation.
Media Buying.
Community management.
Social media management.
Social Media coverage.
Reports & Analysis

Event Planning

Reserve special venues.
Agenda Management.
Sponsor’s satisfaction program.
Tickets collaborations.
Data collection systems.
Event – Marketing activities.

Media Production

Story board \ Copy Idea.
Communication activities.